Dr Victor Chang & Cause Of Death: Who Was Dr Victor Chang? How Dr Victor Chang Die ? Why he was So famous ? 2023

Dr Victor Chang

News : In 1984, Dr. Victor Chang became a prominent figure in Australian medicine, bringing about unexampled changes in life-saving procedures. He successfully performed the first heart transplant in the country and led Growth in heart-lung transplantation. Additionally, Dr. Chang contributed significantly to the development of an artificial heart valve and was committed to creating an artificial heart. Unfortunately, his life came to a tragic end in 1991 under unfortunate Situation

Personal Information

Victor Peter Chang, AC, was an Australian cardiac surgeon who was born in China as Chang Yam Him. He played a significant role in the advancement of heart transplantation in Australia. Unfortunately, his sudden death in 1991 was a shock to the nation and is still remembered as one of the most infamous murders in Australian history.

In 1966, Ann Simmons met Chang when she was taken unwell at a party and went to St. Anthony’s Hospital in North Cheam, London where he was the on-call emergency physician. They went on to have three children together: Vanessa, Matthew, and Marcus.

Chang had a passion for driving and found it to be a relaxing hobby. He restored a 1950’s MG TF and owned several Porsches, as well as a 1982 Citroën CX Prestige.

Despite being irreligious, Chang was known for his compassion towards his patients and would ask Sister Bernice, the hospital’s nun, to say a prayer for them. He had two younger siblings, Frances and Anthony.

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Dr victor chang family

He had three children: Vanessa, Matthew, and Marcus

Victor chang Net Worth

Dr. Victor Chang, a renowned Australian cardiac surgeon of Chinese origin, played a significant role in advancing heart transplantation in Australia. He had an estimated net worth of around $2.8 billion.

Why is victor chang Famous

A Mentor heart transplant surgeon in Australia, he was born in China and later became an Australian citizen.

Dr victor chang Wife

Ann Simmons, the wife of Victor Chang, hails from England and has a profession as a nurse. Their paths crossed in 1966 when Ann visited St. Anthony’s Hospital in North Cheam, London, seeking medical assistance after feeling unwell at a party. It was there that she met Victor Chang, who was serving as the on-call emergency physician at the time.

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What is Dr Victor Chang famous for?
He Was pioneer of modern heart transplantation in Australia.

What happened to Dr Chang ?
On July 4, 1991, Chang tragically lost his life when he was shot and killed by two individuals who were trying to extort him and kidnap him.

How many transplants did Victor Chang do?
The team he was part of successfully carried out 266 heart transplants, 22 heart-lung transplants, and six single lung transplants.

What type of surgeon was Victor Chang ?
Dr. Victor Chang was a surgeon specializing in cardiac and transplant procedures.

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