What is Threads App ? Who is better Twitter vs threads 2023


To download threads app on your phone you will be able to download from play store after that you have to login first using your instagram account you will see there instagram username and verification with option to customize profile Will give Everyone who is under the age of 16 (or under the age of 18 in some countries) will be defaulted to a private profile to join the Threads app.

You can then follow the same accounts you follow on Instagram as well and discover more and more people. You can upload a text message, a thread or an image to this platform. Accessibility features available on Instagram like Screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions are also enabled on threads..

Meta Company has also said that in the coming days, the company is considering making the thread eligible for the ActivityPub protocol. This will make threads more interoperable with other apps that also confirm to the ActivityPub protocol, such as Mastodon and WordPress.

Time taken to reach 1 million users:-

Netflix – 3.5 years
Twitter – 2 years
Facebook – 10 months
Spotify – 5 months
Instagram – 2.5 months
ChatGPT – 5 days
Threads App – 7 hours

What is Threads app ?

Their trend is going on fiercely on Twitter, now this news is also spreading that Threads app got more than 1 million downloads in 7 hours, but now it will be interesting to see whether Threads app will be able to create a new identity among the people or not. Talk about the feature of this app, what is going to be special in it, then just like you see the looks on Twitter, everything is going to be visible to you, Filal is being downloaded in large quantities.

Some people also say that Mark Zuckerberg has copied everything whether it is Instagram Reels or because Instagram stole the Reel feature from Tik Tok, after that Story feature was also stolen from Snapchat and if not this, you must have seen it recently by Alan Mask on Twitter. But Mark Zuckerberg started selling blue ticks, that too was copied by Mark Zuckerberg and now people are claiming to have copied the Filal Threads app as well because in the Threads app you will get to see the same features and the same demo as in the same Twitter.

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